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Blue Summer League Team

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Head Coach Ben……shouts out his boyz…..

Luke Thompson

@Luke Thompson Ben says he‘s ready to step up to play the U18s if needed with Thomas injured!

Luke Thompson
Liam Hay
Nerijus Bulota
2021 m. birželio 17 d. · prisijungė prie grupės.
2021 m. birželio 14 d. · prisijungė prie grupės.

Evening Blue Team. Please make sure you share your availability for your remaining matches with Luke so we can ensure this summer league is a success for everyone.

Its only 3 games and things change but you must be able to look at the dates and make a commitment of sorts now? If we know in advance that you are short handed then we can get you some stand in players……..there will not be anymore re-arrangements after this match with Greens. Would be a shame for you to lose matches by default with all the talent you have at your disposal…….thanks. Matt 🏀

Liam Hay


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